2005-06 Aerial Photos--January

on the siding, er, the siding is on
These were taken from a Twin Otter, some by Al Baker (AB), Forest Banks (FB), and Ethan Dicks (ED) on 27 January...this excellent view (AB) shows the new main entrance stairwell, the gunmetal gray siding on the front of A pod, and the biomed arch exposed for jacking.
arch rivals
A view looking straight on at the old arches...the biomed arch is being jacked, and behind it is the fuel arch with tanks visible as the bulkhead is being rebuilt (AB).
biomed coming up
Looking the other way at the newly sided A Pod of the elevated station, and the biomed arch raising operation (ED)
over arch

Here is a view from directly over the biomed arch which has jusb teen jacked up (FB).
cool gas
Further around the dome looking northwest, in the center is the newly assembled cryo barn on its elevated berm
home ahead
Backing off...here is a distant view of the entire station complex looking northeast (AD)
dust in the wind
Nearly dead on to the runway, with foreshortening from a long lens...and apparently a bit of contrail or shadow crossing the picture.
up north

Back on the other side, looking north.
white out

An even more distant view looking north up the skiway (ED).

Ethan's original photos are in the USAP Antarctic photo library.
in the dark
Let's zoom in on the dark sector...the cloud of vapor is from the IceCube drilling operation.

let the sun shine in
From the west, zeroing in on DSL with the newly operational BICEP shield on the roof, and the completed 10-meter South Pole Telescope (SPT) foundation supporting the new SPT control room and connecting link construction.
catching rays

A closer look at the new SPT facility.
new stairs
Another view of the SPT addition from a slightly different angle.

As usual I've adjusted the lighting and sharpness of some of these photos to try and bring out more detail. I must thank Neal Scheibe, Denis Barkats, Patrick McClure and Ethan Dicks for sharing these, along with the Antarctic Photo Library.

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