2006-07 Aerial Photos--Early Season

taking sides
These photos were taken on Saturday 21 October from the Kenn Borek Twin Otter that was stuck at Pole awaiting better weather up north in Mactown...while the Polies were waiting for temps to warm up from -77F/-60C so that the 130's could come in. Look at that big drift in front of the station!
laid back
The same vantage point, up high, with a view of summer camp and the berms behind the station.
skiway crossing
From another angle, up high above the dark sector.
skiway crossing
And a bit closer.
up on the rooftop
From a higher angle, the rooftops are visible.
down the holes
Photographer Robert Schwarz requested a pass over the dome, and here is the result.
leaning tower?
This view shows skylab as well as some of those triwalls of winter trash and garbage.
on walkabout
A view of the front side of the domed station, the ceremonial pole, and someone headed west...
tasteless garbage
Around on the south side, here are the berms...at lower left are all of the IceCube modules which soon will be towed across the skiway to the drill site.
on a hill
Just to the right of the last picture, here's a closeup of the back of new cryo...fully assembled and scheduled for occupancy this summer.
airport parking available
Looking the other way, this view shows the empty taxiway, ready for the Hercs.
More pictures....

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