2007-08 Photos - Logistics Facility/Arch End of Summer

no way in
Let's start with a view of the front side of the arch, all put together...
no fueling
Here's the south end of the arch with the enclosed building inside.
no Cat parts

Looking north along the outside of the west side of the building. The personnel door is at the far left.
window on the world
Here's the north end of the structure. The entire arch gets a new floor deck level with the floor of the building.
bearing up under stress
Here's a closeup look at one of the foundations/footing units
under the building--fairly complex, with shims and bolts.
food for thought
Stepping back a bit to show some of the future storage space.
hard truth
Looking toward the fuel arch end, some of the larger footing modules are staged here.
open the pod bay door
Inside the freshly heated building, complete with temporary fire alarm and all-call, ready for winter. Here we look south at the arch entrance end.
I need a lift
Here's a closer look at that brand new warehouse forklift that came down with me on the plane from ChCh to McM.
decked out
Looking the other way, this end of the building gets the second floor office area The stripes in the floor are the loose steel plates which need to get welded to the shop-fabricated floor modules.
under foot
Moving closer, here's that fancy sliding door with a personnel door inside. The temporary glycol heater is on the floor at left.
open hole
Stepping back outside the arch, here's the temporary entrance that allows access to the northern part of the arch during construction.
snow hole
We'll have to figure out some way to keep snow from drifting in here...

Step out front for a look at the siding...landscaping...and other pretty stuff.

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