2008-09 Photos - Aircraft Fueling Module

(This is the AFM, the third of the three fueling modules, the other two--the VFM (for vehicles)
and EFM (for emergency fueling of the station) were piped up during the 2005 winter.)

let the sun shine
Here's the AFM, which when finished will sit out near the flight line and pump/filter fuel going between the station and the aircraft. Since it will only be used in the summer, unlike the other two modules this one has passive solar heating.
white board
Here's the inside before the white wall panels have been put on.
fuelie stuff
Next step, installing some of the equipment.
Around the first of the year, here comes the piping. Stainless!
big shiny pipes
More of same on the other side.
straining to finish
more piping
By 20 January most everything was installed and buttoned up. The large red item in the middle of the floor is the fuel filter.

Have a look at the siding and other stuff.

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