2008-09 Aerial Photos--February 2009

look out any window
These photos were taken on the evening of 4 February and the morning of the fifth. First...we have the above view of the station as seen by whoever is taking the photos...(SJ/USAP) (photo credits/info are on the last photo page).
berm me up
In this view taken in the evening, summer camp and a freshly groomed trash berm are visible in the upper left corner (SJ/USAP).
office corner
Moving a bit more towards the front of the station...during the mornings (when this was taken) the front of the station is in shadow (AVW/USAP).
flags and banners
Down closer...looking straight at the front of the station (AVW).
decked out
Down and closer to the front corner of the station (AVW/USAP).
fight fire
Looking straight on at Destination Alpha...with a view of the new ARFF (aircraft fire fighting vehicle) that showed up this summer (AVW/USAP).
On around a bit looking at the gym...and folks on the roof finishing up some of the cladding work (SJ/USAP).
kitchen window
Moving on around to the galley corner of the station, the completed siding on A1 and A4 is visible (AVW/USAP).
skylab is here
Backing up a bit, the dome and skylab come into view, along with some of the logistics (LO) arch work. In the very center of this photo are the new intake air vents installed on the upwind end of the LO arch...and down behind the dome, the framing of the temporary arch entrance is being reinforced with SIP panels (SJ/USAP).
Let's back up some more and have a look around ARO...

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