2009-10 Photos - Siding and Science and Such

topping things off
Installing the finished roof, under considerably better weather conditions than when this was started last March (DF).
looking just grate
Here is a February aerial view of the station, showing the completed roof (EG).
Here goes some of the last siding panels, on the bottom of A1 (DF).
putting a wrap on the project
Along with the Tyvek, of course (DF).
blue rooms
Here's the front side of DSL showing the fresh new siding on the SPT building (DH).
the dark side
And the back side (DH). Cryo and the RF building were similarly sided this season.
stairway to the stars?
And over at the IceCube lab (ICL) a new permanent access stairway was installed for roof access (JH).
see any escaping neutrinos from here?
Thus (JH)!
don't tip this one over on the skiway
Another minor landscape adjustment--the control hut for the decommissioned SPASE-2 experiment was towed out of the dark sector (JY).
Nigel's cell?
It was parked on the building berm somewhere for a couple years; in 2012-13 it was expanded and moved behind the station for the SUPERDARN project (JY).
like a lead balloon?
The Bartol cosmic ray detectors, or neutron monitors as I guess we are supposed to call them, were relocated away from behind the dome. This project was shut down after the 2005 winter, but funding was renewed for this season (EG).
road dog was here
Another bit of siding work, here the panels are being installed on the RF building (AVW).

Credits for this page: DF (Dave Forrest), EG (Ethan Good), JH (Jim Haugen), DH (Dana Hrubes), AVW (Andrew V. Williams), JY (Jim Yeck).

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