2009-10 Aerial Photos--February 2010--Dark Sector

a big place
To start this look at the dark sector,here is an overall view of the station environs looking south.
black spots in the snow
If you look closely at this photo of the dark sector you can see the signs (or the IceTop tanks themselves) of the extensive IceCube network, now almost completed. Here's a high contrast version of the same photo.
dishing it up
Looking SSE at MAPO, with the abandoned and half-buried AST/RO building in the background, and some of the dark sector substation building 61 at right.
looking at the asteroid that will collide with Earth in 2012? Not.
A close look at the South Pole Telescope...the SPT wing has new siding, I didn't do much color adjusting on this picture, and since I haven't seen it yet myself, I'm not sure if the color is really different from the DSL siding or if it is just a trick of the light.
Home of the South Pole Neutrino Collection
The IceCube laboratory (ICL) showing off the new permanent roof stairway and deck.
Now lets have a look around behind the station.

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