2016-17 Summer Photos - Making stuff go away part 2: Construction trades shops...

carp shop annex comes down
Meanwhile, a bit closer to the skiway, the old construction trades' shop Jamesways were starting to go away. This is, er, was, the carpenter shop annex (SH).
nothing left but the floor
Nothing left here except the floor (SH).
the annex is gone
And the annex is gone. That round white structure is part of one of the new escape rises being assembled for the ice tunnels (SH).
the carp shop is gone as well
A bit later, the next Jamesway in line--the carp shop itself, is gone (SS).
the sheet metal shop, the only construction Jamesway to remain
And by the end of the summer, all but one of the construction shop Jamesways was gone. The remaining one is this sheet metal shop...sentimental value, or the real reason was that they didn't have another space to relocate the equipment. And astute older ice folks among you will recognize that red/white module at right...yes, that's the 321 module originally designed and created by friends Jim Mathews, George Cameron, and others for the 1987-88 recovery of the aircraft of the same name (SH).
the sheet metal shop
Another view of the sheet metal Jamesway from the other side...and oh yes at right there is that gantry constructed to create/install the new ice tunnel raises. Which apparently didn't happen (SS).

Oh...have a look inside the replacement carpenter shop.

Credits for this page...SS is Sheryl Seagraves and SH is carpenter Sayer Houseal.

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