1998-99 Photos - New Garage Completion

Next, some framing, electrical and mechanical work. Here, the hallway (I).
back shop
The carpenter shop (I).
walls up
Looking from the main bay towards the UT shop (I).
the 1999 winter construction crew

From about the same spot as the photo at left (but a bit earlier in the winter), here is the 1999 winter construction crew (!) (JM).
The garage ceiling, with the painted crane rails (I).
Did I mention that all of the floor plates needed to be welded, along with the drain trenches (I)?
burning rods
outside work
Meanwhile, as things finished up on the building and ramps, the bulkhead was installed. This photo was taken in August (!) (I).
on the side
The side deck work was also underway in August (I).
tubing work

Decking installation and framing of the firewall in one of the two connecting tunnels to the old garage/LO arch (FCA).
close me
Looking the other way towards the garage through the completed doorway (FCA).
pretty stuff
here's some of the cladding going on the low roof. I'm not sure when this was taken, but from what he's wearing I guess it is summer (NSF).
still open doors
A summer look at the downwind bulkhead (NSF).
smooth dry floor
Here's the main bay of the garage getting its final touches (NSF).

Again, conditional occupancy was achieved in December 1999 (!) Photo credits--well, I really don't have specific photographer credits for many of them. The one labeled JM is from Joel Michalski; those labeled (C) came from a presentation by Carlton Walker; those labeled (I) were found on the common drive; those labeled (FCA) from Ferraro Choi & Associates; those labeled (NSF) were credited accordingly. Some of these photos were provided with help by Brian Shunamon.

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