Arizona (Antarctic) road trip, May 2013

The Grand Canyon from near Bright Angel Point
Looking southeast from near Bright Angel Point. The actual canyon and the Colorado River are below the cliffs in the far background.

The last week in May I did a road trip to Kingman, Arizona (in the northwest part of the state roughly south of Las Vegas, Nevada. The main purpose was to meet up with three other Antarctic friends on Wednesday 22 May (three of us--Dick Wolak, Jay Morrison, and myself wintered at Pole, and we've all spent time at Palmer Station, including Al Oxton who wintered there). We looked over some old files about the R/V Hero, the significant stuff will be copied and the originals will be provided to the Byrd Center archives at Ohio State. And we also had an amazing steak dinner at a fairly historic Kingman establishment.

On Thursday, Dick and I visited the Grand Canyon West overlook--a glass platform overlooking a branch of the Grand Canyon. It's 70 miles north of Kingman and operated by the Hualapi tribe. Friday I headed east and visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon...Saturday I explored the Lee's Ferry crossing of the Colorado River (part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area), then I headed east to Four Corners (the only place where you can be in four states at once) before returning to Colorado.

I haven't posted many photo albums lately, partly because I have too many photos :). I had some stuff on the old Kodak Gallery website, but when they shut that down and sold it to Shutterfly I didn't like their results. So this time, after exploring a couple of other alternatives, I'm trying a Google+ album...I'd appreciate any comments about whether this was a good decision. What I do like is that I can post a caption of any length, edit it easily, and add web links. Also, the photos can be zoomed to full size. Downside...I may need to pay for space if I do this too much. And I don't know how to deal with the extra window at the bottom of the album.

The captions may not be obvious if you look at the collage of massed thumbnails, but click on the first photo to get started.

Here's the link to the album.