PSEG Lawrenceburg Power Plant

grid up

The PSEG Lawrenceburg power plant as of December 2004.
high voltage
The power plant, looking across the parking lot and switchyard from US 50 (these pictures were taken in December 2004 long after the plant was completed and D/FD was gone).
for rent
A closer look at the parking lot...actually not that much emptier than during my night shift.
from Aurora
A distant view of the plant from the access road as one approaches from the west.
locked access
The end of the access road, at the gate.
cool water
Another view in front of the gate, looking toward the cooling tower.
no teamsters about
The warehouse, totally rehabbed and resided, here seen from the access road.
rollup doors
The warehouse as seen from closer to the highway.
lakefront property
Looking at the east end of the turbine building, HRSG 4, and the shores of "Lake Cheney."
unit 4
Another view of the plant across the former storage area.
swamp cooler
Looking east from the plant site across Lake Cheney towards downtown Lawrenceburg.
Okay, jump ahead a bit to my most recent pass through Lawrenceburg in early March this point someone must have decided that Lake Cheney was prime real estate alongside US 50, and the whole thing was being filled up to the level of the highway...
it is a dump
Filling and grading activity...
dirt cheap
Another roadside view with a bit less activity.
crossing boundaries
Looking toward the river from the strip mall parking lot...some as-yet unfilled area along the east plant boundary.
ripping off
Looking east across the former "lake."
A couple of historical updates...first I must note that this was one of the last projects constructed under the Duke/Fluor Daniel alliance, which was dissolved in July 2003 (July 2003 Fluor press release). PSEG sold the plant to American Electric Power (AEP) in 2007 (2007 AEP press release). I'd worked there until the end of 2003, and it went on line commercially in June of 2004. And more recently, AEP was in the process of selling this plant, along with the one in Waterford and 2 others, to a new joint venture (2016 AEP press release).
The American Polar Society meeting in Columbus, October 2003.
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