From Mississippi to California

In January 2001 as my job on a new gas turbine power plant in Jackson, MS finished up, my next assignment was a similar assignment at Moss Landing, CA. So I got to move out of two apartments and head back to the West Coast...[some of these pictures have enlarged views if you click on them]

home away from home

Here was my apartment in Ridgeland, MS, which is a northern suburb of Jackson. I was in a small one-bedroom apartment on the second floor directly behind my van...yes there was a fireplace, no I never used it. I brought a few pieces of furniture with me and borrowed a mattress from a friend.

lots o boxes

Back in Louisiana, movers make my apartment empty

a moving experience

Filling the moving van...since I don't have a lot of stuff there was more than one other load, including someone's car. (Kathy, at least you don't live on the third floor...)

no horses

A last look at the developing high-end subdivision which
my patio overlooked...this used to be a racetrack. The levee along Lake Pontchartrain is in the background...I used it frequently as a running path.

a big dish

The trip west took me through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. I didn't take any pictures except at this lunch stop in Albuquerque where I visited old Antarctic friend Al Oxton. He was living and working at this plot of land south of town, reworking this satellite communications antenna for overseas use.

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