Ironton and Hanging Rock

home in Ironton

I moved on to the Hanging Rock power plant project just north of Ironton, Ohio, in June 2002. Ironton is in Lawrence County which is at the very southern tip of the state, near Ashland, KY, and Huntington, WV. Here's a picture of the house in north Ironton I moved into in mid June, with my van parked in front. The Ohio River levee was 100' behind me as I took this picture.

inside story

A look at one end of the living room, before the CDs (on the couch) were fully sorted out. The house was built in 1938 after the last big flood in 1937, there are 2 bedrooms and one bath downstairs. The upstairs is finished with 2 rooms, but the stairs are quite narrow and since the roof isn't insulated the central A/C doesn't do it much good. I made the mistake of referring to the upstairs as an "attic" to the movers, they said they don't do attics, but when they showed up they did carry lots of stuff upstairs.

When I drove by in April, 2004, it looked like a family was living here, and there was a window A/C unit upstairs. And the landlord had finally installed white vinyl exterior window trim.

four on two

The Hanging Rock power plant under construction in November, 2002. This view is looking east, with US Route 52 in the background (more info).

sign of the times

The plant sign located at the permanent main entrance. No gate
here. The rest of these pictures were taken in April of 2004.

no parking

Along the main entrance road. These folks also decided to retain the construction warehouse tent. In this view, to the right of the tent was where the construction office trailers were.

drive thru

Looking at and through the entrance gate; at left is the permanent plant warehouse; the control room building is behind it. Straight ahead in the distance is the aqueous ammonia tank. To the right is "unit 1" as designated by the civil folks since it was built first; in terms of plant operation it was "train two."

A but further south, the former site of the laydown yard and construction entrance.

A sequence of photos of the plant from Route 52...
turn me on
taken moving from north to south.
gimme shelter
The HRSG's, with the penthouses that happened after most everyone was gone.
chill out
A final view from north of the cooling towers. There was a bit of steam visible coming from the unit 3 LP drum silencer.
As for the Hanging Rock power plant, Duke Energy sold it (along with the Washington power plant in Beverly Ohio which I'd also worked on) to Dynegy in 2014 (2014 Duke Energy press release and Dynegy press release).
laid out laid back
The Laidback bar, 1/2 mile north of my house. The web site for this
establishment had been dormant of late, so I stopped by to see if it
was still alive and kicking. Yes, but this was a Monday so it was closed.
It's still out there in 2016, apparently.

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