Site Plan

get lost at Pole

This 1999 site plan shows almost all of the new facilities, as well as the existing ones, the new science labs on the other side of the skiway, and a few structures that have gone away already, like the old SPASE-1 boxes in front of the fuel arch. This image may be too large for your computer screen, but in order to see all of the detail you really need to look at the full sized version (1530x1222, 407k). This drawing is the property of NSF, © Ferraro, Choi, and Associates, used with permission. Please check out Joe Ferraro's web site (archive) for more information about the planning process, as well as some early construction photos of the garage and fuel arch. A more recent site plan as well as the elevated station floor plans, are here.

Scale reference: The smallest circle has a diameter of 1000'; the diameters of the larger circles increase in 1000' increments...