Turkey Day

the galley, ready for Thanksgiving dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, Tadashi Yogi took this sparkling view of the empty galley, ready and waiting for the turkeys...

Thankgsgiving Dinner at Pole, 1976

And here we are.

Around the table from the left: Ken Barker, Stu Harris, Fred Kahl(McM cosray), Brad Halter(?), Craig Whan at the end of the table, then Jim Fletcher, Don Sedo (Caterpillar tech rep), and Lee Sundblad. Hmmm, there are a LOT of wine bottles on the table. Well, some of them started the evening as candleholders.

More folks enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

Satisfied customers...yes, here's another look at Ken, Stu and Fred. Note that all of us fit into our spacious dining room at the same time, all 55 of us men (that's right, folks, not a single woman on station)!

These 2 dinner photos came from Les Rohde (and I had some photo editing help from 1961 McM w/o Bruce Raymond).

Thanksgiving souvenir menu

Thanks in part to our high-speed copying machine, we had a souvenir menu for this event; thanks to Lee Sundblad for saving it and bringing it to the reunion. The cover is below, here is the rest of the contents. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this menu is the guest list on the back--lots of familiar but long- forgotten names of the folks that were around during this part of the season.