Here Comes the Sun...

Sunrise over Old Pole

For many mid-September days before sunrise we had clear weather so we could watch the approaching dawn. This picture was taken looking grid north from skylab with a telephoto lens, so the silhouetted antenna towers and structures you see are across the skiway at Old Pole. At right is the forward scatter antenna that was erected in the mid 60s. This and the next photo were taken a few days before sunrise.

Clean air and fuel arch

A look at the Clean Air Facility sand the fuel arch.

K A Bandits

The official day of sunrise (9/21) was cloudy so we couldn't see it, but we had our party in skylab anyway. Stu, Gary and Lloyd put on several shows during the winter with many styles of music and a different group name for each performance. This was probably my favorite concert, and the set list included acoustic Beatles, Bob Dylan, New Riders, Grateful Dead and similar stuff. Fortunately it got recorded for posterity.

Here comes the sun... mp3 file (1:23) (1.3mb)
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Tadashi Yogi did a much better job photographing this event than I did. Here is his version: Stu, Gary and Lloyd
After sunrise, the airplanes are sure to follow, or so we were told. This picture is a classic, it still often brings tears to my eyes, as does this tune, the last song of the evening. Have a good look at this amazing view of Gary while you listen to him sing about...C-130's...with apologies to John Denver.
DRØNK Recording Studios 
"Leaving on a...C-130" mp3 file (1:15) (592kb)
The RealAudio downloadable file (anyone remember those?) (185k)

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