South Pole Winter 2006

around the ball

Above is the official winterover picture...a unique composite--the top photo was taken on 7 October from a weather balloon...(here's
how it was done)
, with credit to Robert Schwarz and Denis Barkats. The bottom half was taken earlier in the new gym and used for the midwinter greeting...

the 2006 winterover photo

Below, an enlarged group photo:

midwinter photo in the gym
South Pole Winter-Over Team 2006:

Back Bench: Kevin Shea, Clayton Cornia, John Fonseca, Mike Hole, Dan Bernier, Erik Kawasaki, Dainella Nartker,
George Head, Victoria Landgraf, Mike Scholz, Allan Day, Greg Watson.

Standing: Scott Iremonger, Brien Barnett, Guy Thomerson, Alistair McNoe, Will Silva, Heidi Lim, Dan VonBank,
Rechelle Parent, Suzy Williams, Noah Beyeler, Phil Troska, Renee Magyar, Denis Barkats, John Reese, Jodi Dobson,
Lynette Harper, Richard McHenry, Liz Rose, John Neame, Jared Coleman, Stefan Anthony.

Second Row: Robert Schwarz, Neal Scheibe, Holly McKinney, Jon Olander, Don Jeter, Nate Cannon, Tom Lohr, Joe Tarnow,
Tim Lee, Bob Campbell, Patrick McClure, Michael Rehm, Ethan Dicks.

Front: Judy Smith, Bill McKee, Tracy Blair, Craig Bell, Bob Melville, Lane Patterson, Janice Martin, Jon Martin,
Stephanie Koes, Liesl Schernthanner.

Not in Photo: Mark Noske, Johan Booth, Robert Reynolds, Fabio Saenz, Jeff DeRosa, Barry Horbal, Rhys Boulton,
Dennis Calhoun

Station Photo by Rhys Boulton.  Crew Photo by Robert Schwarz.

About 3 weeks before sunrise (1 September) the group had gathered for yet another outdoor photo:

an outdoor group photo

Looks cold? The temperatures were back down into the triple digits, -104.4F (-75.8C), a new daily record!

(photo by Robert Schwarz) (original unedited photo, 457k)

(another by Ethan Dicks, 685k), who also took this version of the group photo around the Ceremonial Pole:
preparing to take the photo from the balloon camera

2006 midwinter menu

Speaking of midwinter, at left is the impressive menu.
It's from Greg Watson, who has more midwinter coverage
on his website.