night shiftcool evening in front of the dome 1991

Back row, left to right:
Dave Zulejkic, John Parlin (JP), Dennis O'Neill, William (Bill)
Norton, Terrance (Terry) Isert, Brian Jacoby, Joseph (Pete) Massey,
Matthew Houseal, Kurt Sobanja

Middle Row:
John Kai Chan, Mike O'Neill, Jerome (Jerry?) Pratt

Front row:
Karen Peterson, Suzanne Redick, James (Jim) Notchey, Steve Midlam,
Jerome Cook, Kathryn Price, John Lowell

Not pictured:
Rod Jensen, James Hancock

Below: another version:

cool evening in front of the dome

The complete list:

Chan, John Kai, SPASE project (atomospheric physics), Univ. of Leeds
Cook, Jerome, communications coordinator, ASA
Hancock, James, meteorologist technician, ASA
Houseal, Matthew, physician, ASA
Isert, Terrence, materialsperson, ASA
Jacoby, Brian D., computer technician, ASA
Jensen, Rodney A., heavy-equipment mechanic, ASA
Lowell, John F., grantee, "Polar stratospheric clouds
   at the South Pole," University of Wyoming/NOAA CMDL
Massey, Joseph, communications technician, ASA
Midlam, Steve, senior cook, ASA
Norton, William L., grantee, "Antarctic survey and
   mapping," U. S. Geological Survey
Notchey, James L., meteorologist, ASA
O'Neill, Dennis, station manager, ASA
O'Neill, Michael S., grantee, "Polar stratospheric 
   clouds at the South Pole, Univ. of Wyoming/NOAA CMDL
Parlin, John T., carpenter, ASA
Peterson, Karen A., grantee, "Antarctic survey and 
   mapping," U. S. Geological Survey
Pratt, Jerome S., power plant mechanic, ASA
Price, Kathryn L., science technician, ASA
Redick, Suzanne, science technician, ASA
Sobanja, Kurt, general maintenance mechanic, ASA
Zulejkic, David A., electrician, ASA

But these folks had a plaque too...for some reason it only has 19 names
and one of these folks didn't winter. Sadly, Keith Schallenkamp, who was
to be the winter manager, broke his ankle climbing down from a tractor.
He was medevaced to ChCh; the doctor wouldn't remove the cast in time for
him to return to Pole.
trivet pursuit

(sources: top photo and plaque scanned from the originals at
   Pole, September 2005 (larger photo, 366k) (larger formats
   available) The bottom photo and caption are from Brian
   Jacoby; complete list from the Antarctic Journal (NSF)
   Vol. 26, No. 2/3, June/September 1991; NOAA CMDL, and
   Michael O'Neill)
Matt Houseal

A sad 2009 postscript. Dr. Matthew Houseal
was killed in Baghdad on 11 May 2009. He was
one of 5 servicemen killed there when a U.S.
soldier opened fire at a clinic. 

Several friends I knew from Pole and Palmer
provided more information; Al Oxton attended
and documented the funeral, while Dave Gallas
sent flowers, and cousin Sayer Houseal has worked
at Pole in recent summers. That documentation.