South Pole Winter 1994

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(the 21-22 August 2004 reunion web site)

The text version...

Ann Adams, Met
Victoria Campbell, Met
Terry Isert, SEH
Althea Danielski, Materials
Jim "Thumper" Porter, GMM
Jim Anderson, Heavy Mech
Kurt Sobanja, Heavy Equip Op
Bob Lutes, Dr
Ed Tracey, Cook
Brent Jones, IS/Comms Suprvr
Jerilyn Johnson, Comms
Michael Hancock, IS
Abby Weeman, Materials/MAPCON
John Weeman, Science Tech
Cere Davis, Science Tech
John Briggs, Scientist (CARA)
Hien Nguyen, Scientist (CARA) (Station Science Leader)
Don Neff, Scientist (NOAA Tech)
Tom Jacobs, Scientist (NOAA Officer)
Joe Spang, Scientist (AMANDA)
John Kovak, Scientist (COBRA)
James Stine, Power Plant Mechanic
Carl Busser, Plumber (Construction)
Rob Swett, Construction Coordinator/Carpenter
Scott Tomczyk, Electrician (Construction)
Kerry Vigue, Station Electrician
Janet Phillips, Station Manager

...and the version at Pole

all present

Graphics at top of page thanks to Ann Adams, list thanks to
Janet Phillips. Photo at bottom scanned from the original at
Pole, September 2005 (larger file, 371k) (larger formats available)