Winterovers from Canada

Eighteen winterers that I know of claim some (well at least 1/2*) Canadian heritage--going back all the way to the Navy days
of the original station:
Year(s)               Name                               Position/Affiliations
1973             Gerald Davis               equipment mechanic   US Navy              ASA
2001             Jennifer Bird              dining attendant     RPSC                 FOOD
2001             John Bird                  LIDAR                Univ. of Illinois    SCIENCE
2003             Karina	Leppik***     	    AST/RO               Harvard/Smithsonian  SCIENCE
2005             Christian Otto             physician            RPSC                 MEDICAL
2005             Michael Ray*               network engineer     RPSC                 FEMC
2005             Eric Duncan                production cook      RPSC                 FOOD
2008             Keith Vanderlinde          team member          SPT                  SCIENCE
2009, 2010       Genevieve Ellison          waste management     RPSC                 OPS
2009             Michele Gentille           sous chef            NANA                 FOOD
2009             Jonathon Miller            science tech/HR      RPSC                 SCIENCE   
2010             Mel MacMahon**             winter site manager  RPSC                 OPS
2011             Renée Nicole Douceur***    winter site manager  RPSC                 OPS
2012             Jean-Pierre (JP) Brunel    plumber              RPSC/ASC             FEMC
2014, 2016, 2017 Matthew Krahn              machinist            SCIENCE              SCOARA/SPT
2016             Craig Knott                winter site manager  ASC                  OPS
2016             Mack Van Rossem            grantee              SCIENCE              ICECUBE
2023             Jaden Pan                  supply technician    AMENTUM              SUPPLY

*     during my 2005 winter, one of our musical groups named themselves the "2-1/2 Canadians" :) Michael was the "1/2"
**   Mel has both Irish and Canadian heritage
*** Karina and Renée are American. Karina was born in Canada, and Renée was born in Montreal of Canadian ancestry.

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