Casey Jones


Above, the memorial photo plaque presented to the station by longtime CARA/SCOARA member Robert Spotz in 2008
(a bit more information about the plaques)

Casey Jones at Pole

The above photo is from Martha Kane Savage's memorial page, which should not be missed.

Below is another photo of Casey Jones, this is from his 1978 w/o picture on display in the GWR stairwell at Palmer.

Casey Jones at Palmer
(with thanks to Glenn Grant)

Casey A. Jones

Casey A. Jones, the Holmes & Narver Inc. cook assigned to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, died 9 January 1980 when he was caught under a collapsing column of snow. Mr. Jones was removing snow that had plugged a vertical intake shaft when the column gave way.

This was Mr. Jones's second tour in Antarctica. He wintered at Palmer in 1979 [sic, should read 1978].

At the request of his family, Mr. Jones's body was cremated in New Zealand. His ashes were committed to the Antarctic from an LC-130 airplane in flight over the Beardmore Glacier on 25 January.

Flags of the United States, the U.S. Antarctic Research Program, and Holmes & Narver were presented to Mr. Jones's family along with a posthumous Antarctic Service Medal.

Holmes & Narver employess in Antarctica prepared a memorial plaque that was mounted at South Pole Station in honor of Casey Jones's service to the U.S. Antarctic Research Program.

--from the Antarctic Journal, March, 1980