South Pole Winter 1971

frozen folks
Brougham, Gary W., geomagnetism-seismology, National Ocean Survey, NOAA
Gadsden, Charles T. Jr., meteorology, National Weather Service, NOAA
Hernandez, Hilario L. Jr., meteorology, National Weather Service, NOAA
Jackson, Bernard V., geophysics/SSL, University of California Los Angeles
Siegner, George C., ionospheric physics, Environmental Research Laboratories, NOAA
Stelle, Kellogg S., ionospheric physics, Bartol Research Foundation
Urbanak, Richard L., meteorology, National Weather Service, NOAA

Aldrich, Jack T., RM2, ASA (Antarctic Support Activities)
Burns, Fred J.,BU1, ASA
Gallen, Kevin P., LTJG (CEC) officer in charge, ASA
Heverley, Harry W., BU1, ASA
Hurry, Harry A., EM2, ASA
Jones, Mac L., EM2, ASA
Kealey, Gerald P., UT2, ASA
Maners, James A., LT (MC), ASA
McGuire, Lawrence E., CE3, ASA
Netherland, Bobbie D., HM1, ASA
Sorrell, Bruce A., SK3, ASA
Stohlbom, Peter G., ET1, ASA
Treadway, Jack, CM1, ASA
Wyland, Kenneth D., RM1, ASA

Source: Antarctic Journal (NSF), July/August 1971 with help from
Gary Brougham. Photos from Billy-Ace Baker.'s the full version with the 220 club photo...