Under the UV Lights

our photo gallery
Here is another glimpse at the pictures on the wall while a card game
was underway. I'll attempt to deal with a few more pictures from the
bar despite the lousy lighting. Here's the photo as I scanned it in
1999, it shows our bulletin board a bit better.

greetings from Stu to Gary

One of Stu's stranger poses...what is Gary about to do??

a South Pole greeting

One of those traditional pole soul secret
handshakes (?) Oh, hello, Craig. Yes, some
of the ceiling fixtures had UV light bulbs.

early winter bar scene

Jerry attempts to document the damage. Note that the date of these photos is documented...there is one of those ubiquitous Easter eggs by John's right elbow, so this stuff went on well before midwinters day.

building a tower to the ceiling
A sashafoto of one of the more serious construction projects of
the winter...as Jenga hadn't been invented yet, we used beer cans.
From left: Simon, John, and me.

building a beer can tower

These 2 slides were copied from Alex.
Did Simon build it up to the ceiling?

Al Nelson drinking some spiked juice

Downstairs, Al is enjoying the spiked juice. Donations, anyone? I can't remember or read what the sign said...mostly "A donation will help with the cost of the ?? ??, Thank You."