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Pole in January 15
Here is a January 2015 photo by Peter Rejcek...I like it because it illustrates that the geographic
Pole is moving away from the station (well, actually it's vice versa). The full size photo is in the
Antarctic Photo Library. Are those snowdrifts getting deeper? From what I've seen, the snowdrifts
are now much deeper than I remember. This page includes a series of comparison photos I took in
2005 and 2008 of the drifting around the elevated station.

dome deconstruction photo index...2013 aerial photos
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South Pole News...

29 January--aircraft issues including a C-130 stuck at Pole, a Twin Otter losing a ski on takeoff prompting an emergency response (no injuries), and of course passengers stuck everywhere. The Polar Star is having mechanical problems...and NGO skier Henry Worsley who'd visited Pole earlier this month was evacuated near the end of his journey...and died in Punta Arenas. And...the NOAA webcam (upper left) is working again, although the USAP webcam is still sick News...

18 January...the last month of summer...means that the McMurdo shipping season is beginning...the Polar Star is breaking ice south of Winter Quarters Bay, and the cargo vessel Ocean Giant has been sighted in Lyttelton. And...there's a new Pole marker!

21 December...midsummer at Pole. Construction is underway, and several weeks ago the first traverse has just arrived (with video of their journey)!

17 November...and there is Pole news coming from Whidbey Island, WA...where Al Baker has appealed his murder conviction. The conviction was upheld, but there was to be a new sentencing hearing.

The summer season began on 27 October when the Basler arrived from McMurdo with fresh foods and faces! It was followed a few days later by the first Herc.

14 October...the first Kenn Borek aircraft arrived! And on 13 October...the USAP webcam went live for summer! Check out the latest image above.

12 October...the season has begun for many of the 2016 many have gathered in Denver for 2 weeks of training. And at Pole, the first Basler/Twin Otter transits are due any day now.

Sunrise time at Pole happened the week of 19-20 September, but the clouds intervened. Meanwhile up north, the first main body C-17 arrived on schedule on 28 September.

Winfly was (eventually) a success...after the first 2 flights on 23 August, a McM storm came up, canceling things for a bit...until today (31 August) as the C-17 and the Airbus were both heading south.

Twilight is happening at Pole...the window coverings have been removed...and back in the Lockheed-Martin corporate halls there is discussion of selling or divesting the L-M division which includes the USAP support contract.

21 July...a month after the midwinter celebration, the last period of the darkest night sky is ending with moonrise on the 22nd. Meanwhile at McMurdo, the third of the three scheduled winter flights occurred on the 17th when a C-17 landed at the Pegasus runway.

Want an Antarctic job? On this page I've provided everything you need to know about (or at least where to find) how to get a job...updated frequently.

A Polie book you might be interested of my fellow 2008 winterovers, Josiah Heiser, has published an ebook of his life story...almost free (blog and purchase link).

The dome is gone. And the most comprehensive web collection of dome deconstruction photos is here! And the message boards are still around...stop by the new home of Mike Poole's Antarctic Memories, which now includes the archives of Glenn Grant's Iceboard. If you have questions or problems with this excellent resource...the best place for info on jobs and life on the ice, ask me for help!

My second winter was in 2005 as the Title II Inspector (huh, what's that?)...and stayed on for a month after the 21 October station opening until the summer person showed up. I returned to the US on 21 January after 2 months in NZ/OZ. Hopefully before I left I wasn't too toasty to write a feature article for the 30 October 2005 Antarctic Sun..... Read it for yourself and decide...

More news updated 7 February.

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