2005 Winter Photos - B4 Gym

What the place looked like at the beginning of the winter... the gym was stocked with tools and materials for use elsewhere, and not much construction was happening.

The beginning-of- winter view from the balcony, which would soon become the exercise room.
a lift
A temporary snow ramp was constructed at the south end of the gym at the beginning of the winter, and a temporary access door created.

Major work here began in June. Here the FCB subfloor has been installed on the upstairs landing. This view looks west in the stair lobby, the B3 hallway is at right... the opening has not yet been fully cut.
hole in the wall
At the end of June, the opening between B3 and B4 was fully cut out...here we are looking from the B3 hallway into the balcony/exercise room...
installing fiber cement board
...where the FCB subfloor was being installed.
The exercise room floor was sealed...
framing the walls in the exercise room
...and then the walls were framed.
ceiling stuff
Ductwork, sprinklers, conduit....
first layer
Sheetrock, more piping...
The walls were painted--everything on the ceiling got spray painted later, during the summer.
ganbgoxes in the exercise room
Then, the break area and some of the gangboxes were moved into the exercise room from more active construction areas...and the glycol piping was being insulated.
west wall framing

Meanwhile, in the gym in late August, here's framing for the lower west wall.
west wall framing

And the upper west wall framing, looking the other way.
gym ceiling drywall and sound insulation
The ceiling gets vapor barrier, sheetrock and sound insulation.
ceiling drywall and sound insulation
A close look at the ceiling...with sealant around the truss, and tectum sound insulation installed on the left side. In the background...supports for the glycol piping.
it is underfoot

The subfloor was put down around the perimeter so the walls could be constructed.
a fur piece
More framing of the upper wall and windows, here on the east side.
sprinkler piping on the ceiling
Guess who got to climb up here to look at the acoustic panels, sprinkler piping, and electrical on the ceiling?
gym wall insulation
Insulation is installed on the east wall...as well as backing to support the padding.
lighting and insulated glycol piping
Back up at the ceiling, some of the glycol piping was being insulated, and some permanent light fixtures have been installed.
Sheetrock on the east wall

Sheetrock has been installed on the lower east wall, over the insulation in the above photo.
sheetrock on the west wall

More sheetrock on the west wall.
it's a breeze
Yes, there is a big ceiling fan...
unit heater on the gym ceiling
...as well as unit heaters...fully installed, wired, and with piping insulated.
the north door of the gym
The wall around the north door into the vestibule.
What the place looked like at the end of the winter.

Looking north from the south end.

Next, continue on to see what had been happening in the gym lobby, other first floor rooms, and that stairwell.

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