2009-10 Aerial Photos--February 2010

turn blue knif
No aerial photos were taken at the beginning of the 2009-10 season...but these photos were taken on 3 and 4 February. All of them were taken by Andrew V. Williams, who returned for his third summer, this time with the siding crew (a couple of older photos mentioned here are annotated as to the source). Above, the completed station...as I type this on 1 April Pole time, the "SPSM" project is officially over, it ended on 31 March.
are we lost without the dome?
Let's start the detailed flyovers with a distant view of the entire station complex, as would be seen from an aircraft approaching from McMurdo.
are we lost without Old Pole?
Another distant view from the other direction, looking at the front of the station. Yes, the dome is not in any of these pictures.
UFO base?
A bit more to the east, looking at the station with ARO in the foreground. The dome used to be in the middle of this picture. For comparison, here is a similar photo from February 2009.
Vostok 799 miles
A bit closer to where the dome used to be (lower left). Speaking of UFO's, did anyone recover this sign?
the cleanest air in the world
Back to the west a bit, closer to the elevated station.
all done
Moving a bit further to the west, a good view all the way to the end of the world.
looking into comms
A couple more views from the northwest, this one with lighting from the front...
looking into what was originally designed as the smoking lounge down below comms
...and from the back.
we're done here, can we go home now?
Here is another good close view of the front of the completed
elevated station.
Next, a look at the dark sector.

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